About Us

We’ve been game-changers since we entered the scene in 2007. Back then it was generally accepted that a shoe could not look good and feel great, especially after hours of wearing. We re-sponded with a sandal that combined style with world-class science – and we continue to dream, innovate, and defy conventions. Our mission is to raise the energy of the world. And help you live life to the full.
By creating well-ness products engineered to work with your body, so you move better and feel great.

Biomechanically brilliant

Every FitFlop product is biomechanically engineered – which means it’s designed to complement your body structure, joint alignment and natural movement.

Feel and perform your best, every day. We apply the research, cutting-edge science, and testing, usually reserved for sports performance shoes, across our whole range. Because why wouldn’t you want to feel and perform your best, everywhere and every day? Ballet flats, beach flip-flops, platforms, wellies…we believe almost any style can be re-engineered to be easier on your body and ultra-comfortable underfoot.

Style Is A Given

Everything we make, from a classic white trainer to a statement sandal, is aesthetically on point. Because however ergonomically brilliant it is, you’re unlikely to wear it unless it looks amazing too.

Discover The Difference For Yourself

Don’t just take our word for it (or that of our legions of superfans around the world). To understand the difference wearing something designed around the biomechanics of your body makes, you really need to experience it for yourself. Just be warned, your first FitFlop purchase is unlikely to be your last.